The Fernwaters September 8 opening went smoothly.  Fernwaters enrollment has leveled at 60.  Though most students are joining us in person, we are offering our program virtually as well.  Teachers and students are now accustomed to new routines: temperature checks, hand washing, and desk cleaning.

Fernwaters is implementing new curricula purchased with help from the CSP grant and federal CARES Act dollars.  All of the curriculum has a strong digital component in addition to print resources, giving students and teachers great flexibility in these ever changing times. 
New curriculum includes the following:

  • Into Reading for grades 4-5

  • Into Math for grades 4-8

  • Savvas Science for grades 6-8

  • Davis Art for grades 6-8 

Art students began the year with an engaging unit on ceramics.  The 4-5 students mold their creations in the classroom, and the older students take Lemhi Ride to the ceramics classroom at the Youth Employment Program facility, where the school’s new kiln will soon be located.  

The extended learning music classes will begin soon.  Eryk will be teaching group lessons in piano and violin on Fridays.  If you are interested in having your son or daughter participate and you’re not already signed up, please reach out to Eryk at 208-940-0005.

Koryn French joined our instructional team as a paraprofessional.  Her kindness, positive attitude, and diverse talents are a great asset to our school.

The new classroom set of Chromebooks for students in 4-5 have arrived.  The iPads for the older students are taking a little longer than expected.  The demand for digital devices nationwide is causing shipping delays.

Fernwaters is thoroughly assessing students in reading, math, and language arts in order to target our instruction and help us understand how we can improve our program.  Testing isn’t fun for anyone—students or teachers—but it can provide useful information, especially since students lost their learning routines last spring. Thanks for your patience as we complete these assessments.

And thanks for your continued support!


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