What makes us different



Science of Reading coupled with HMH Into Reading Curriculum foster a strong foundation for reading, writing and fluency skills. Math and ELA is our learning focus in the morning and the afternoons provide more hands-on learning experiences through the arts, science and social studies classes. K-3 students participate in piano theory, drama/music and PE classes daily. STEAM and Art will be taught twice a week to encourage problem-solving, communication and creativity among our young learners.



Students in grades 4-5 participate in STEAM and Coding activities led by Meriah Baker.

Curriculum Highlights for Fourth & Fifth Graders:

Cardboard Challenge using Make Do Kits


Recycle objects into Musical Instruments


3D Printing integrated with a Science Fiction Novel




Building and Designing Inventions & Board Games


Canva Projects tied to Reading & Social Studies Standards

Curriculum Highlights for Seventh & Eighth Graders:

7th Grade Coding

Students develop coding skills through Google CS First curriculum.  Students participate in the design process developing 3D models with TinkerCad and our 3D printer. The Drone Designers curriculum weaves together the engineering design process and principles of aerodynamics as learners collaborate to costume, choreograph and code tiny aerial robots in creative performances.


8th Grade Coding

Students continue computer programming in Google CS first. Python programming is introduced in the code combat program. Students explore aerodynamics through the design and flight of hot air balloons and model rockets.  Students learn fundamentals of electronics and circuits as they build a functional FM radio.


Extended Learning

Fernwaters invites students from the whole community to participate in Friday learning experiences.  Beginning and Intermediate group music in piano are taught by Eryk Foss from 9-11.  At 11, Eryk teaches group violin.  Fernwaters charges a small fee for these classes.

Fernwaters students receive priority seats in 3-week and 6-week long welding courses offered in partnership with YEP (Youth Employment Program). These courses are offered for free on Fridays and Saturdays. Instructors are Ron Lineback and Shane Omyer, both professional welders.

All 8th grade students complete one semester of a Career Exploration course designed to help them discover and appreciate their career aptitudes and interests.  These students spend 2nd semester learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Students print their graphic designs on t-shirts, canvas, stickers, or caps at YEP.

The 6-8 students work with paraprofessional Stephanie Pearse to produce an annual yearbook.  FPCS staff support students in clubs (such as Yo-Yo Club & Book Club) and multimedia projects that highlight creativity and humor.



FPCS identifies students performing below academic benchmarks in math and ELA and implements a multi-tiered system of supports to help all students achieve. 



FPSC offers an enriching art program which engages students grades 4-8 in a diverse curriculum of multi-media art projects. Each student creates individual works using clay to design various ceramic pieces. Students use watercolor and acrylic paints. Oil pastel, chalk, charcoal, and pencil are used for designs in drawing.  Eighth graders participate in Printmaking projects. 

Fernwaters takes pride in its art curriculum led by Bobbi Eby in grades 6-8 where students begin with a foundation in various art techniques and build on this foundation through 8th grade. Britnee Miller leads the art curriculum in grades 4-5 where students explore the seven elements of art using different art techniques. Student artwork is displayed two times a year, both in the winter and then again in the spring.



Curriculum Highlights:

6-8 Music

All students have choir for 30 minutes each day.  Choir students learn the fundamentals of singing, breath support, diction, proper vowel formation, ear training, and reading music. Students learn to sing in 3-part harmony. Performance expectations are reinforced daily. Students perform in three concerts per school year. These concerts are held at night and are open to the public. 


4-5 Music

Fourth and fifth grade students have music each day for 30 minutes.  Students develop fundamentals of singing, rhythm, note reading and composition. Students perform in three concerts per school year. These concerts are held at night and are open to the public. 


Community Engagement

FPCS provides multiple opportunities for students to connect to the broader world.  Students participate in career exploration, hands-on career technical experiences, yearbook, and student driven projects. 

Check out some of these great Fernwaters Traditions:

Fourth grade welcome river float


School Dances–Fall and Spring


Art Shows–Student art publicly displayed twice per year 


8th Grade Ski Trip–Staff take all 8th graders to Lost Trail for a Saturday of skiing in February


Musical performances–Students perform for the public in December, February, and May


Skating Party–Fernwaters students of all grades get together for an evening of skating and chili eating


End of year picnic–Fernwaters concludes the year with a potluck picnic and games at City Park