We help small town kids launch BIG life dreams.


Fernwaters Public Charter School was founded in 2018 by a team of veteran educators, concerned parents, and generous citizens who shared the belief that a high quality public education can be transformative.


FPCS is a free public school for students in grades 4-8.  FPCS follows a high expectations, high supports learning model in a mixed grade setting that maintains a low student teacher ratio. 


At FernWaters Public Charter School, skilled teachers foster an enthusiasm for learning by challenging students academically while encouraging creativity. Students build lifelong learning dispositions in a focused, personalized, and supportive environment where excellence, hard work, and critical thinking are expected. Local partnerships offer students unique learning opportunities in career technical education and the arts, rounding out a diverse instructional program and strengthening student connections with their community.


The Fernwaters instructional team are excellent, highly qualified educators.  They will go the extra mile to make sure your child is achieving his or her potential. 

Fernwaters Charter School, 103 Van Dreff Street, Salmon, ID 83467

Ph: 208-742-1881

Fax: 208-742-1842

Email: kristinfoss@fernwaters.org